Monday, March 27, 2017

The Author's Alphabet


You are an author. Whether it is just a short story, a book report, a research paper, the first draft of your first novel, or if you are a published author making15.00 or 15,000 a month. You are an author. That title is yours! Don't be afraid to own it and wear it proudly.

Like hundreds of other authors, you aren't on amazon's or the New York Best Sellers list, but you are making a difference, and no one else can tell your stories the way you tell them. So go write! Share your stories with the world. Be the Author you were born to be!

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  1. Girl! It's been FOREVER AND AN AGE since I chatted with you (I think??I DONT EVEN REMEMBER). I apparently was following all of your old blogs, and realized you hadn't updated since like 2013 or something and then I panicked thinking oh no, how could this be? Has she truly disappeared?? And so I checked your user profile and found this and *wipes brow* all is well in the world now :P So yes, this is me just saying hi and checking in and being all yoo-hooo from the past :P


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