Monday, April 24, 2017

The Author’s Alphabet C



An author's best friend is creativity. Finding it and keeping it can be hard, but so worth it. Pay attention to the things that make you more productive and try to make sure you are sufficiently fueling yourself with those things for maximum output.

Struggling with making things work? Consider what kind of learner you are, and try encouraging your story by stimulating your senses.

Auditory, listen to music or sounds that relate to your story, or inspire you.

Visual, search pinterest for pictures that emulate you story, or look through your story board, maybe take a break from your black and white screen, and go out into the world in search of beauty and wonder.

Sensory, step away from the computer and find something to do...a walk in some fresh air, or do a project your character might enjoy. Maybe you need to step away from the computer and change your mode of creativity, take a writing device of preference and take some paper outside or a different place in your  house and write,or interview your characters.

Being an author is wonderful, but don't forget to take the time to live and breathe just for yourself as well. Writing is a wonderful and whimsical world, but don't forget to make it lovely and beautiful for yourself as well.

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  1. <3 this one.
    And that last line is perfectly lovely, and captures so well how I always want writing to feel...XD