Monday, May 15, 2017

Author's Alphabet F

Faith. It's one the hardest things to include in a book well. It's easy to squeeze in namby-pamby prayer and toss in a few scriptures and label it CHRISTIAN FICTION! I know, a lot of authors have worked very hard to create good books...but when they try to add faith to their books it feels so robotic and dead and makes me as a reader want to gag, throw things, and just put the book down.

So how do create a book where fiction and faith meet and mesh.

I think the difference is easy to find. It is this: is the story testimony...or your pulpit?

Testimony stories tend to be rich with refreshing and renewing.
Pulpit stories tend to make one feel frustrated and preached at, they are dry with material but no deep content just words that ring with hollowness.

So how do we make our books rich volumes and not hollow tombs?

First, are you living it yourself? Is this something you've learned? Is this something you've struggled through? Then you certainly have a premise and personal experience where the faith you want to bring across the realness of the subject.

I remember discovering one of my favorite authors. My mom asked me if I wanted to read a certain author's books....I refused. I was sure they were going to be another wishy-washy preachy teen book that I was going to barely gag down, needless to say, my mother followed her intuition, and they were excellent books. The author really challenged me in my faith, and that book helped me to grow. They still have a powerful impact on me today...years later. The difference? She had lived, she is an amazingly sweet, faithful Christian, who didn't use her book as her pulpit but rather as a testimony.

What are you writing? Are you writing things that are challenging you and your readers, or are you using your book as a pulpit?

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  1. It's hard to get right...but books that manage it are /SO/ powerful. I need to keep working on my stories...XD