Friday, May 19, 2017

Music Muse

This is one of the voices that really grabbed me. I heard Anthony's Neely's voice one day and the quality of it gripped me, and since I am living here in Taiwan, I'll take the opportunity to introduce you to a talented American Taiwanese singer.

His voice...I love more ballad sounding songs, and he has a beautiful range, mostly simple music, and some good outright heartbreaking lyrics that make you pause and think. (I also might be a hardcore sad song sap but you know...)

Today, I am going to throw a few songs out there, one of my favorites and one sung in Chinese, where the MV is totally worth made me wish it was a Taiwanese drama...but it's not it's just a lovely song.

This first song is the one he grabbed Taiwan's attention by winning a national talent contest.

This was the first song I heard him sing.

And this is the Chinese song.

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