Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wording Workshop

I am going to try and add this mini wording "workshop" on my blog.
I am using the term workshop loosely here. It's not too intense, just a little something I want to improve on in my writing and challenge my fellow writers.

You see, I sometimes struggle with writing description, so often the settings are so vivid in my head that I forget to add any embellishment for the reader.

Sorry for the blurry photo, I am trying to use things I come across in my everyday.
So, this is something I've written a description for, but I am curious how you would describe this dish....
Foreign? Traditional? Familiar?

What does it smell like?
Strong? Soft? Is there something distinct or signature about it?

How does it taste?
Savory? Salty? Bitter? Sweet? Spicy? Mild? Rich?Simple? Complex? Home-like?

What ingredients can you identify?

Are you intrigued...repulsed?

What is the environment like?

If you were to put this on a plate in front of your character how would they react?

As a foreigner, my reaction to this dish is always...
Yes, you eat part of this dish with chopsticks

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  1. Ooh...I like this idea...though right now it's just making me hungry...XD