Monday, June 5, 2017

Author's Alphabet I


Info Dumps

Evil info dumps are sometimes necessary in writing.

So how do we write them without making our beloved readers feel like they've been dumped on?

If possible weave it into a conversation, this makes it more interesting, this always works especially well if you happen to have a nosey neighborly character who wants to share all of the news.

Another way to make them not feel so dumped on, is to make sure there is specific background in the story for there to be something at stake for the upcoming information, give the reader those little butterflies fluttering in their stomachs as they read the information realizing this could mean good or bad things for the character who they care for. It's not just an info's a climatic stepping stone edging your story forward towards the pinnacle of what you've been building up. Try to create info dumps that make readers hold their breath instead of sorting through information trying to figure out how or why it is relevant to them and the story.

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