Monday, June 12, 2017

Author's Alphabet J


Justice Systems

Everyone has a just system. You do, I do, your character should too. Understanding how justice systems work in yourself and other people is important in creating strong and moving characters as well as creating action in their hearts.

Your internal justice system is more your personal weights and balances of right and wrong in the world. We all have different scales, and there are points we allow people to cross because they know it's okay in their system...even if it's not right in our own. However, sometimes people will cross your justice system and you will be prompted to action.

People act when their system of justice is violated. You see it all over the world, riots, parades...but also in a much smaller way, it can be why someone loses their temper, makes choices, and pushes people to do things out of their comfort zones.

The other week, I lost my temper...I was surprised that I lost my temper...and then I cried over losing my temper because it felt stupid and immature...and I wondered why. When I knew I shouldn't have...and I should have been able to just talk with the person. It was because they crossed the line of my personal justice system.
They disrespected a mutual authority and made it their excuse for their bad behavior...and I was in shock and the amount of anger that thudded through my body shocked me. Then they called me disrespectful and I kinda lost it...

Needless to say it was a lesson for me a person, as well as with writing...the way I acted didn't feel normal to me...but my system of justice had been violated and I wanted the world to go back to the right place and so it moved me to wasn't the right action but I moved.

What about you? What is a justice system trigger in your characters lives or even your own that prompt them to action?

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