Friday, June 23, 2017

What I Liked About Wonder Woman

Thi last weekend I went to the movie theater, something I really only do when out of the country, and I chose to see Wonder Woman.

I fell in love very swiftly, and other than a few scenes that I would have skipped at home or if shown to a younger audience....I instantly fell in love with this woman. 

She was strong.
She was feminine
She was relatable
She was innocent.
She loved....
She experienced loss and overcame it.

The origin story was fascinating, and all kinds of similarities to other things can easily be drawn...even the villain was a master deceiver.

The action was beautiful without being too gory or detailed...the villains were perfectly bad and evil...but they didn't give me the willies.

An aspect I really loved about this story was while the romance was an aspect and Chris Pine NAILED his role as the romantic was merely a catalyst to the story line and not the main point...which was Wonder Woman. It was a sweet, simple love that held so much promise for their future. They were perfectly matched.

Wonder Woman was everything a woman should be.
Tender, compassionate, gentle, caring, strong, war-like, feminine, genuine, truth seeking, leader and yet companion. She was the embodiment of what a woman can and should be...I mean other than the supernatural powers....which none of us have. However, I would say it's easy to hold her up as a role model, I'd like to watch it a few more times just to get more out of it. I'll be honest I am a bit in wonderment of it to find too many of its flaws.

But...I think the thing I took away from it...was it's worth it to love....even in the pain.
It's worth it to love...

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