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What people are saying about Annabeth's War...

Her father wanted a son... Annabeth was born a girl. He trained her as a son anyway.

Now a young woman, she is living in a land in turmoil, and the father who once did not want her is in the dungeon of her country's greatest enemy. A price has been set on her own head, and she knows that her freedom and the secrets she holds are the only things keeping the prince alive.
From the moment Annabeth slipped into the first scene, she had my attention. I tend to be chary of my praise for girl characters, but she was definitely an exception - I absolutely loved her. Though Annabeth tried to hide her thoughts and feelings, even from the reader, the author managed to keep the character's strong front completely, while somehow still bringing you straight inside every scene until you truly felt that you were there, seeing everything Annabeth was and feeling her pain or joy as your own.
And, for once, I found myself completely delighted with both of the book's point of views. Usually I like one and suffer through one or more of the others... In Annabeth's War I adored both. And it is actually in the POV of the other main character that there was a scene that had me nearly coming up out of my chair screaming at the sheer awesomeness of the moment - probably one of my favorite scenes in a book ever. XD
Daring plans, thrilling escapes, marvelous fight scenes, hilarious disguises, sweet friendship, a hint of romance... this book has it all. READ IT!!! You won't regret it. And once you have your own copy, it's the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for all the readers in your life! :)
Annabeth's War is one of the best fictional books I've read! From the complicated plot to the sweet romance, this talented author will hold your attention throughout the entire story! Her character development is superb - a necessity for good fiction. The unexpected twists and turns within the story serve to keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. I can't say enough good things about Annabeth's War. I was only disappointed that it wasn't longer! This is an epic first book by Jessica Greyson. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of her stories in the future.
This book is quick to capture you with the first pages. I love the depth of the characters and how flawlessly the author switches from one character to the other. This book is going to go on the bookshelf of those you can reread and enjoy many times over. The description of Annabeth's faith is beautiful and that she did the things she did not for glory but in the hope to spare others from what pain she could makes this a wonderful book. I hope many buy and enjoy this book as I have. I hope to see much more from this author and hopefully more books like this.

If I had to find one word to summarize Annabeth's War I would chose 'beautiful.'  Partly because Jessica's writing always has that indefinable quality to it, and partly because beauty is woven all through the story.  The beauty God gives to every single story; how he makes everything beautiful in its time; that's what Annabeth's War is about.  
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Annabeth's War is a wonderful read that I highly recommend to anyone interested in medieval times and/or a good adventure story. 
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