Sunday, February 14, 2016

And Without Further Ado...


Four years have passed since tragedy broke Grace’s family apart, tarnished the family name, and sent her into hiding at finishing school. Now with a new last name and a few years between her and the accident; Grace wonders if she will be able to escape the heavy shadow of the past that smothers her with guilt and a desire to escape life.
Grace carefully guards her heart from others to prevent them from discovering her past. However, when Mitch, a deputy, comes into her life, he seems bent on destroying Grace’s armor. Can Grace really trust someone with the secrets that haunt her, or will they destroy her once again?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine Design Contest

Hello Blogging Friends!

I so missed doing this last year! So here is is again.

Take you FAVORITE or not so favorite characters and design a valentine. (You can even do your own characters if you want) Post them on your blog and leave a link below.

Here are some favorites from the past to get your mind sparking with ideas! Please have them submitted by the 8th!

Well, these be popular