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我看見你 I see you

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go;
 I will guide thee with mine eye.

I’ll be honest this verse has always puzzled me a little. 
And the other day I was reading again and I was like. “God, what does this even mean? How can you guide me with Your eyes? Because, God, I can’t see where you are looking.”
And then it struck me.
I do this all the time with my students.
I guide them with my eyes.
If they are misbehaving, I don’t yell at them, I get really quiet and just look at them gently until I know I have their attention and then shake my head, if needed I will say something but often this communication is completely silent.
My students also communicate this way, a questioning look, and I answer with a nod…but they know the answer because they are looking at me.
So it’s the same with God. If my focus on him, I’ll have the answers I am searching for, I don’t need to be looking towards the future and trying to figure out, I don’t have to figure out what God is doing I just have to move forward keeping my eyes on Christ. No looking around, no turning this way and that trying to figure out what everyone else is doing. Just focusing on Christ and following his lead…and life will be siimpler…maybe, not easier but simpler because all I need to worry about is focusing on Christ and what He sees for my future.

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