Books By Jessica Greyson

Hi! I am so glad you’re here!

If you want to learn a little bit about me and my books, this is what this page is for…you’re in the right place, so dive in.

I thought, about posting the little back cover snippet for you to read and enjoy, but since you can do that on Amazon (just click on the link to find out more), I thought I would post my personal thoughts and relationship with my books here.

Annabeth’s War

My debut novel…which I wrote in a scant three weeks might be one of my favorites… She was the first one I felt I could put into the world, she was brave enough, strong enough–and yet she is Annabeth.

This book is filled with Robin Hood-like adventure, a hero named Ransom, sword fights, bad guys, rescues…what is not to love? Well–now that we are a few years away, there might be some flaws I’d go back and fix, but maybe I’ll leave them as I continue my stepping stone journey in the writing world. This by far is my most popular book, I think…it’s because Annabeth, is relatable. She was the heroine pulled from the secret depths of my own heart–she’s a kindred spirit you might say to my author soul. Yes, I love Ransom, that darling Falway scallywag, but…Annabeth is my favorite.

Captive of Raven Castle

This novel was born out of a photo shockingly enough, and I challenged myself through NaNoWriMo to get this story completed…

The heroine…is darling, inspired by some of my favorite books growing up, but the one who steals my heart in this book is Taleon. A/C is a princess. SHE JUST IS….meanwhile Taleon and I spent most of our time headdesking and trying to pull the kingdom together…along with the…oh wait, that is spoilers. There is a darling in here based on a little guy I used to babysit–he’s all grown up now…but he’s a darling just the same.

So, why should you read this book?
Well, this is the book I usually recommend people read first, why?
I think, it’s because it’s my mom’s favorite…always recommend your mom’s favorite to people, it also has the clearest faith message which I wish was in my other stories….but, I am getting there.

Sufficient Grace

Oh, where do I start?

Scars, healing, stories for the soul…

This book, isn’t so much for the world, as it was for me.

It’s one of those books you get or you don’t…

It’s written for those who have walked through dark places and come out the other side, or for hope and light in those still in the place of cold shadow. Grace…was my heart many years ago. I read it, and realize how far I’ve come, how long the shadows were on parts of my life…
How sweet a Savior Jesus really, truly, is.

People often ask me if Mitch is based on a real person…
It’s a complicated grouping of yes and nos.
His looks are based on someone I met once upon a time and was like you’d fit into a western novel–if I wrote those…a few months later the inspiration came after a nap. (naps are always good)
His personality is inspired by Jesus.
Has there ever been a guy in my life like Mitch? Not…yet.