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Why Ready Writer Press?

Years ago, a little girl was praying about her future, she wanted to become a wife, mother…but she felt there was something more…what that was, she wasn’t sure, so she started to pray.

Dear God, I know you have plans for me, I think they are to be a wife and a mother one day…but before that happens…what else You would you have me do?

The sky…was the limit…

One Sunday as she sat in the grey metal folding chairs of their church, their pastor gave an unexpected sermon, talking about how Paul and David were yielded writers for the Lord…that they were ready writers.

She felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit ask: Will you be my ready writer?

Without really thinking how much she didn’t love writing…she said yes….and the rest is history.

I wish I could go back and find my notes scrawled in some notebook or on the back of a bulletin so I knew the exact day, all I know it was somewhere between 10 and 12 when I first started crafting stories. I had always been a storyteller, staying up in my bed until the wee hours of the morning after everyone had gone to sleep to act out stories with my stuffed animals and dolls, or with my playhouse and little people during the day. There was always an adventure to embark on, a bad guy to vanquish, a mystery to solve, or a kingdom to save…my world went from merely stories between me and my things…to make their way onto paper and the vast worlds that can be discovered and shared.

The vision started out as a publishing company…but…that is a big thing and I am only one small person…so Ready Writer Press is the publishing company of one, for my books…and one other book, one that I begged nearly 10 years for it to be published.

My heart is to have a yielded pen, to spend the ink of my life conveying Christ. Stories sometimes unlock things that non-fiction can’t….and visa-versa, so this little yeilded pen, is for Christ, may the paragraph of my life wheather it be short or long showcase Jesus. For I am His, and He, is mine.

Now, I know if you look at the reference of this scripture verse…it’s really a wedding psalm. *blushing* I’ve contemplated taking it off for a few times…because of the context, but still that call remains, I am called to be His bride, this pen should whisper the sweetness of Jesus and stories that honor and glorify Him…
Though note…I am still working on that….I am a vessel still in progress.

So to find books my Ready Writer Press, they will be under my author pages in the various sites you can find me, BookBub, GoodReads, etc.

Other books published by Ready Writer Press

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