Thoughts and Reflections, and Resolutions?

The year, is coming to a close. I’ve aged one year older, and grown, just that much wiser, I hope.

It’s been a year of discovery and challege, knocking and seeking.

Snow is falling softly outside my window, the Korean music on my computer, reminds me of one of the places I’ve left my heart.

The more I grow up, the more I realize that life is a constant exploration of things, that there never is an arrival date, you never really truely “grow up”it’s just a constant, getting up. Getting up from falls, and scrapping up broken dreams, shattered hopes, it also means getting past your personal fears, facing the future with open hands and open heart, even if a knife is placed in your heart, it means looking past all of that, and getting up when you are down. There have been people in this past year, who have hurt me more than I thought people would, and people who brought more joy to my life than I could ever imagine.

I fell in love with 500 children this past year, and I hope the years ahead I fall in love with even more, their precious faces, as you show them love and teach them, are the most priceless thing on earth. Nothing is compared to it. These children, even though I might not rememember all of their names, I remember their faces, and the impressions they left on my heart. They will always be there, even when I grow old and grey with age, they will be there in my heart.

Speaking of constant getting up, I am hoping to turn a few new pages in this coming year. A new book release with Sufficient Grace,  and maybe even some short stories, we’ll see what God has in store. I am also at trying to enroll in college once again and nail down a B.A. I’ve loved my “non-college” life, however as I get older I realize how much those two letters, mean to this world, and the things I want to do with my life from here out ask for those two little letters. B.A. I also hope to start REALLY learning a foriegn language this year. I’ve tried teaching myself Spanish, and I picked up a little Chinese while I was in Taiwan, but I’ve set my sights on a new dream. Korea. It’ll be a few years but it’s a dream worth shooting for, and dream worth holding onto. It’s the one I am holding out for.

But, what you are hopes, dreams, resolutions for 2016? I’d love to hear them.


Jessica Greyson

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