The Books You Bring…

As a writer, no…as a human being going overseas is an amazing and incredible experience.
And as a writer, trying to decide what to bring and what not to bring is difficult.
If I was going for just a few weeks, it would be simple.
A journal.
A notepad.
A good book (preferably NOT the COMPLETE WORKS OF JANE AUSTEN…try lugging that around on a trip and through airports. If you want the work out it’s GREAT! If you don’t want to feel like your shoulder is going to break off….I suggest a volume of something smaller.)

If you are like me and you cherish an extended library, the thought of leaving your entire library…of 50 or 500 books is like leaving a part of your soul behind.
As I am getting ready to go back to Taiwan for a year.
I am faced with leaving my 300+ volume library stashed about the house in bins once again…however I’ve found that one shouldn’t be completely without books even if you don’t have time to read them.
Having something to look at…just makes life better. A mere look at a book and all of the memories you’ve had with it come rushing back, your fingers ache just to touch words on paper and just snatching a familiar volume from a shelf and just snatching a paragraph or two do wonders for the soul.

However, this time, I am making a LIST of books that make it.

A daily devotional (because some days are busy…and I need to run, but I certainly need to spend time with Him.)
A book that makes me laugh. (Only A Novel By Amy Dashwood)
A book that makes you cry. (An unpublished novel by a friend)
A book that will inspire you, (TBD Probably a book about a missionary or a North Korean escapee.)
A book you can learn from. (TBD The Memoirs of  Lafayette is in the running, though)
A book you haven’t read yet. (TBD but I might make exception here and bring two, a novel by G.A. Henty and Rachel Heffington.)
Your journal
A mostly empty note book.
A stash of pens.

If you were going to a country where it’s really hard to get your hands on books in your language…which books from your library would you bring along?


3 thoughts on “The Books You Bring…

  1. Oh goodness, I totally understand the feeling! It's so hard to pick just one book to bring along, even if it's just a car ride!

    I really like the list of books you made! A nice mix of everything 🙂 And yes, haha, a stash of pens sounds just right. One pen isn't enough 😉

  2. Making a list is such a wonderful idea.

    Despite the fact that I LOVE paperbacks/hardbacks, I would bring my Kindle loaded with all my favorite books. Overall I would just rather have a variety available to read when the urge hits and there's time.

    Also I have this instinct to leave most books at home to protect them from being ruined….

    But I would bring at least Bible, journal, notebooks, Conformed to His Image, and a few other favorites – and a book or two I've never read.

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