Why I Stopped Reading.

Horrors of horrors what a title.
But it’s true.
For the past four or maybe even more years, I haven’t really read books.


Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Lord of the Rings
Hunger Games
The Hobbit
Eragon Series

Were all the rave, rage and well ravaged. I personally couldn’t hop on any of those boats, I didn’t agree, had nightmares or just downright didn’t want to read them, and it seemed if you wanted to BE ANYONE you had to be reading the latest, hotest book fad….that was filling up my pages on social media.
Walking through library shelves, I found fewer and fewer books to read, and more of the books I wanted to read on the 25 cent rack at the Library. I found less in commmon with other readers even friends, and tired of answering the question WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO READ!??? I was tired of heartbreak and fantasy and death…I know the books contain more than that, reading started feeling like being at a pizza party and everyone is eating peperoni and not getting that while you’ll eat it, you’d really rather be eating sausage pizza, and everyone is having fun and you just want to leave…go home order a sausage pizza and never go out again.

That has been me for the past couple years. It was almost like I had an alergic reaction to reading.
 I missed the DRIVE to pick up a book to read, the touch of paper and ink, the smell of a good book.I missed it. I ached for it, but it seemed more often than not when I picked up a book I got an “alergic reaction” and I didn’t want to read anymore.

So recently I decided to stick my neck out again, and do something I haven’t done in awhile.


Well, to be honest.


I checked out an audio book from the library and listened to a “modern author” that is popular.

And I actually enjoyed it.

She was clean, refreshing and though it was a dysitopian universe…I actually like it.

I think I might try reading more once again! 🙂

What books have you been reading and enjoying?

Jessica Greyson

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