I want to be Faithful

One of the challenges I was given in the new year was to start studying the book of Ephesians and memorizing the first chapter.

Only a few days in and I caught a terrible cold, which had me in bed for a few days unable to do much, reading hurt my eyes, and even listening to audio books hurt my head so I lost the progress I want to be making…but I am still working on it.

In the first verse, a word caught my attention. There are lots of really fascinating things in the first verse if you are searching. However, this one word caught my attention.

Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the Will of God to the saints which are at Ephesus and to the faithful in Christ Jesus

Ephesians 1:1 

I know as a Christian, I am a saint in Christ that is who I am…but faithful struck me as different.
What is it to be faithful? Who are the faithful in Christ Jesus?
What is this that Paul is talking about…seemingly separate from the saints that I already am?

So off to Blue Letter Bible I went to start my search.
The word comes from Pistos which means:

Trusty, faithful.
A person who shows themselves faithful in the transaction of business, the execution of commands, or the discharge of the official duties.
One who has kept his plighted faith, worthy of trust
That can be relied on.
Easily persuaded
Believing, confiding, trusting
In the New Testament one who trusts in God’s promises
One who is convinced that Jesus has been raised from the dead
One who has become convinced that Jesus is the messiah and the author of salvation.

^all of that is quoted from Blue Letter Bible 

But it got me to thinking. Am I faithful?
Could these things be said of me?
Am I one of the faithful in Christ Jesus.
Or am I just a saint who knows all of this stuff but still sitting on my own little reserve?
Am I faithful or just a saint?

So I was a little more curious because it said Faithful had a root word…so I went and looked that up.
It means persuaded
Now there is a lot more to the word and I would encourage you to go look it up for yourself (I linked the word tot he Blue Letter Bible page.)

Am I?
Are you?
Are we?
Are you persuaded that the only thing in this life worth living for is Christ?
That Jesus Christ is our only goal and aim in life?
Or is Christ a side quest for Sundays to make you a better person?

Are you a content Saint?
Or are you Faithful in Christ Jesus?

Food for thought.

In Christ,

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