At Her Fingertips By Kellyn Roth – Author Interview

Hello Dear Readers!

I am delighted today to bring you a sneak peek and an interview of her delightful book At Her Fingertips!

First…the interview:

What inspired you to become an author?

I’m not exactly sure! I remember writing my first written-down-and-I-actually-remember-it story, Kicky the Dolphin, when I was seven. At that point, it was just for fun, though. I think I became serious about writing and publishing when I was eleven. I wasn’t sure how – but I knew I wanted to publish my stories! I think it just came from wanting to share my books with more people.
What is your biggest dream for this book?

I hope a lot of people read and enjoy it, of course. I’d love to meet at least one person who really just loves it, you know? Have someone email and say, “This was just awesome!” or something like that. I’d also love it if a zillion people bought it, butttttt that’s not gonna happen. 😉
What is the one thing you hope readers will take away?

To listen to God’s guiding in your life and not jump ahead without taking time to ask His opinion on your move. There are some other little lessons, but that’s the main one.
What is one thing you’ve learned through writing this book?

Well, I think I learned the same thing Alice did – you’ve got to wait for God! He’s got a plan for you, and you can’t just ignore it and do your own thing.
Do you have a favorite character? What about them makes them your favorite?

Peter Strauss is my favorite character in this particular novel. He’s just such a stellar guy! And, yes, he has his faults, but honestly, he’s so adorable. Which is not a good way to describe a twenty-six-year-old man, but it’s the best word for him. He’s so sweet and awkward.
What inspires you as a writer?

Talking to people about my writing really helps as well as listening to certain music (basically anything upbeat and confident) and reading over the not-so-bad portions of my own stories. Reading can also be very inspirational … or watching movies … or basically, anything that makes me look at other creative works.
If you could travel back to the time-period of your book what would you do? What places would you visit? And is there any advice you’d give to your characters?

Hmm … well, I’d tour London and the surrounding areas and then I’d just steal someone’s horse and ride it around for the rest of my time. 😉 Hey, I figure I can’t be a convicted felon if I don’t exist in this time, right? And I love horses but don’t get the opportunity to ride one all that often!

Okay, not really; let’s not commit a sin just for fun, no matter if I exist in that time or not! I’d visit different landmarks. I’d love to see a lot of America as well as Europe during this time period – as much as I could fit in. It would sure be amazing research … as well as loads of fun!

As for my characters … I’m pretty sure if I met them, I’d just yell at them for hours! How could they be so foolish? There are so many things I’d need to tell them. But, of course, since I made them do those things, I guess I probably can’t complain.
How does your faith play out in your books?

Other than just being a part of my characters’ lives, I love incorporating it into themes. It’s fun to show how Christianity plays out in life, and novels give me that “what if this happened” peek into people’s lives, if you will.
Do you have a writing routine?

Not exactly at the moment. I try to fit a little writing in before and after lunch as well as in the evening, and every so often I’ll get up early and do some extra. I try to write at least a few words every day – and sometimes it doesn’t happen, but I don’t stress it. I want to have a serious writing session at least 2/3 times a week.
Any advice you’d like to give other authors?

There’s so much! I honestly don’t know what to say. The most important thing about writing, though, is that you’ve got to write! Write until your fingers fall off and your headaches. Don’t stop! Don’t give up! You can do it … really!

So now that you know a bit about Kellyn here is a little sneak peek into her book!

Although it was all quite exciting, the people her mother introduced her to faded together in
Alice’s mind, none of them standing out to her. She admired some, was disgusted by others,
and had no opinion whatsoever about the remaining. However, none of these feelings lingered long enough for her to care.
She danced in almost every set and tried to talk with Cassie when she wasn’t in demand—but
Cassie appeared to be the belle of the ball, an earl’s daughter with a sizable dowry and a sweet face. Alice could scarcely speak a word to her before they were interrupted by a young man full of flattering
words to make Cassie blush until her freckles disappeared.
On toward midnight, Alice accepted an offer of refreshments made by a young man whom she
honestly just wanted to leave her alone, as much of a fop as he was. She stood where he left
her at the edge of the ballroom floor and watched him procure two glasses of punch and
triumphantly start back toward her.
He was halfway to her when, out of a side door which led to the library, came Gibson Ashfield.
She could see even from the distance that neither men were looking where they were going,
and inevitably a glass of lemonade spilled down the front of Alice’s partner’s waistcoat and
Alice’s partner pulled out a handkerchief and began dabbing at his front fiercely. Alice walked
over to them, barely hiding her smile. A quick glance at the furiously apologizing Gibson
confirmed Alice’s suspicions; his lips twitched with suppressed mirth.
“Miss Knight,” said Alice’s partner when he saw her, “I’m terribly sorry, but I must leave you
to tidy up.”
“Of course, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll—”
“Dance with me,” Gibson interposed. “When a man barrels over a woman’s partner, he should
at least offer to take his place.”
Alice drew back. He can’t be serious. After all, she was just Miss Knight of Windpool Street.
But his eyes held nothing but a smile. She forced her head to move in assent. “It would be an
“No, the honor is all mine,” Gibson assured her. He extended his arm and led her onto the
floor. The music began as they turned to face each other and
Alice, still a little speechless, began to dance.

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