Little Books Big Releases

Hello Dearest Readers,

I know it’s been forever since I’ve written here and I am so sorry for not keeping you in the loop.
Well! Since the last time I wrote there is a new book on the market for you to get!

Waiting for Isaac.
This was a book that has been growing on my heart. The more single I become with every day the more I realize that though this journey is not easy, it is worth it.  It is a tiny, and my first nonfiction work but is a weaving of the heart I felt burdened to share with my dear single sisters on in the world who carry these same burdens.

So that is Waiting for Isaac and you can find it on:
Barnes & Noble

But the other book I wanted to introduce you to today was a short story that I had the privilege of reading this little story by Kellyn Roth: Goldfish Secrets

It’s a darling little story that feels authentic, adorable, and very relatable. This little beauty will warm your heart and if you’re a huge fan of her Lady of the Vineyard series is, of course, a must read. You can catch the little book here on Amazon!

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