Valentine Book Lover Link Up!

Since we are going to be asking the authors questions until Valentine’s day! I thought it would be a great time to ask all of you some! So here you go, feel free to link up at the bottom so we can see your answers!
What book do you love but everyone else seems to hate (or dislike)?

What book does everyone else seem to love, but you just can’t get into?

Love in books—love or hate it?

What is your favorite friendship/brotherhood/sisterhood in a book?

Do you “ship” couple when you read? What are some of your favorite ships—that sailed or didn’t?

Do you still exchange Valentines?

Your favorite Valentine gift, chocolate, flowers or something else? Chocolate, dark, milk, white—other?
Your personal views on Valentine’s day?

Favorite sweet Read?
Favorite fairytale and why?
Favorite romantic gesture in a book?
Do you have a favorite “romantic movie” for that you like to watch?
Favorite Literary couple and why?
Favorite opinion about love from a Character? (like Jo in little woman…to her it was an awful idea).
Favorite quote about love? 

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