Confessions & Facts: Annabeth’s War

Reading reviews as an author, I always find super interesting, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I sigh, some times I get giddy with joy over someones delight in my book.

But authors often hold facts that the readers never get to know, so to dissolve some of mystery I’ll give you some little insights into Annabeth’s War.

The original title was: By The Sword, and there was a little line that went like this before the title page.

A girl fleeing with a price on her head, fighting for her fatherโ€™s life.
A swordsman who has given up his faith,
A man whose life was changed on the battle field,
A King away at war.
And a master of dark deeds.
Battles ensue.
All must live โ€“ or die…

By The Sword

Random cover I made for my personal library

It took me nearly 3 weeks to write Annabeth’s War.

When I originally envisioned Ransom, he actually worked for Lord Raburn, and had a change of heart and ended up saving Annabeth….it’s a really long story. There was much character and author debate.

It wasn’t until I started writing, that Prince Alf popped up, and Lady Christina kind of just walked in on all of us, and her name was originally Samantha.

Eliot wasn’t part of the plan, then he showed up, he might actually be in the Histories of Chambria (which name you’ll know from Captive of Raven Castle)

Song Lark told me nothing about himself. I’ve asked him a million times and he seems to have a million stories that he wouldn’t tell, however I might have an idea about him. He got a little talkative after Annabeth’s War was published. If he could pick someone to play him it would be Alexander Rybak.

Annabeth became her name because I couldn’t choose between Ann and Elizabeth, and as I was musing one day it occurred to me to smash them together and…thus Annabeth.

If you have any other questions for me or my books. Let me know!

Jessica Greyson

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  1. My goodness, Jessica, you wrote Annabeth's War in three weeks?? That's amazing!!!

    Hello, by the way! I popped over here from Safirewriter and wanted to say hello – it's been a long time since I visited you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be adding this blog to my feed list posthaste!

    ~ Vicki

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