Indestructible Women My Compass #mirriamstartedit

A little over a week ago a post from Mirriam popped up on my Facebook and blogger feed.

The quote and the post really made me stop and think for several moments. Who are my indestructible women?

Like Mirriam, I chose four, simply because it seemed like a good amount and it fitted what I wanted to say.

These are women who have built me up when I have felt broken down, they have strengthened me when I am in pieces…I am who I am today because of their love….they are my compass.

My North Star,
My Mama is my north star. When I don’t know which way to go, or what to do she reminds me of the ultimate goals of life–though we haven’t always agreed on the same things, she keeps me true. She keeps me focused, and guides me when I feel lost, I am drawn to her with the magnetic pull of a mother-daughter relationship. She is bright in the sky when things cloud my way, I look up to her as a beautiful example of where I should go and what I should do, of who I can become. Her love has guided me from birth, and I know her example will always hold me pushing towards higher brighter more beautiful things.

My Eastern Sunrise,
Katherine Sophia…Kate…faithful like the sun, bright with hope and renewing when I feel hopeless she shines brightly in my life and keeps me looking for the dawn, even in the midnight moments of my life. When I felt hopeless she threw me a line of hope to cling to, tying our souls together in a forever soul-sister-ship that shall sail straight on ’til the everlasting morn…when I am down she always hold out a hand and pulls me out of my depths, and walks beside me keeping together in step even when our paths separate, we are still together.

My Western Wind,
Ari, like wind, she has challenged me in new ways, she has pushed me forward and made me face things in new ways. But like the wind of a storm, and the wind of the sea, Ari has rocked my boat and she has also blown my worried ship into safe harbors of comfort and rest. Her strength is also her gentleness, she has raged beside me at injustice and pain, and she whispered comfort when I have needed a shoulder to lean on.

 My Southern Spice,
Christi Ella, she is laughter, she is wit, she is brightness and sunny sweet sass and faithfulness  Christi spices up my life with her sense of humor, introduction to snap chat, talented gif conversations, encouraging “little sister,” who does cooks off with me, and cheers me on in whatever I do. She looks for the bright side of life, and the funny side of it…even when it’s hard to find.

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