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Sweetly Single?


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There are many ways to view being single.
For years I’ll admit I’ve been blissfully happy.
I’ve smile and accepted the words.
“You are so lucky!”
“Oh! What I wouldn’t be to be in your shoes.”
“I had it so easy when I was single.”
“Man, what I wouldn’t give to be sinlge again.”
“You’ve never been in a relationship, oh you are so lucky!”

found on google, not my image, I own nothing

However…as the years have progressed and romance has eluded my life…
I find it…
Life is still satisfying, life is still good. I am still grateful to be single…but there are days where there is a gap, a hole, it feels as if part of my life is missing something…or rather someone.

The words: “You are so lucky to be single!” etc. Seem to have a bit of a bite to them.

found on google, not my image, I own nothing

I still smile, and I look into the eyes of sleepless mothers with bags under their eyes, worried and wondering how they are doing as a mother…and I realize this is a gift that I have been given and I need to be grateful, even as I am slightly jealous of their little ones calling them “Mama,” knowing that the demands of being a mother is a never ending job…but still my heart aches just a little.

They say, “Being a teacher, it must make you not want kids…”
And the truth is it only makes me want them more.
I get only a breif moment with these children, to love, to cherish…to impact…to smile, to laugh, to care, to cry…and then it’s goodbye.
It makes me realize no matter how exaused and how little sleep I get I still want the oppertunity to put food on the table, to tousle little heads, to sing to sleep children of every age and size, to talk with them…even if it is the never ending chatter….it is a privledge that I have not been granted.

There are days when I wake up, and I realize that I am painfully single…singleness that I am not sure if it will ever end,…or how many more days I must learn to cherish this gift and the oppertunities that it gives me.

Thank you Singleness.

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