2 Ways I’ve had fun getting to know the Bible this year

I am hoping to start a new series on my blog ^
But before I dig in, I’ll give you a little background, and what I am doing for Bible reading etc.

For years I’ve done the read your Bible through in a year plan and usually not quite made it. I’ve done it a few times, it was good, but books sometimes LAG in the middle…or beginning or end…or just all the way through and I found my enthusiasm for the word of God sadly lacking. I would camp in Psalms, and Proverbs read through the gospels and other random books for fun. But I struggled to make a good connection and find an applicable meaning of God in my life.

This year, I went to Bravehearted Discipleship which made a HUGE impact on my life and gave me tools that I hadn’t used before…so I want to share two of them with you.

1. A Bible Plan.
Now I know you’re like…but didn’t you fail at that?
Well, Yes. I did. Frankly, I stank at it. However….changing up my Bible plan was one of the best and exciting things I’ve done. Also very freeing.
The Bible Plan I chose works like this.
Monday, The Law, Genisis-Deuteronomy
Tuesday, The Histories Joshua-Esther
Wednesday Job-Song of Solomon
Thursday The Prophets Isiah- Malachi
Friday The Gospels Matthew-John
Saturday The rest of the New Testament
Sundays either read from the book you are studying or choose your passage to study.

I’ll be honest I am always excited about Wednesday Bible reading…and most of the other days too unless I going through Judges (I do not like that book much, the ending chapters make me want to give some people a talking to…with an iron frying pan). But I’ve had so much fun seeing how scripture weaves together and the different pieces of God’s plan being put together throughout scripture and it’s wonderful and exciting!

2. Bible Study.
I’ve enjoyed Bible study before, but it never held my interest for very long. I’ve studied 2 books now (and I want to study more now) I am working on my third book, and they seem boundless. I love having a part of my week set aside for Bible study, I do try to set aside part of my devotions as study as well, but I don’t get to do as much as I’d like so I love having Sunday’s as a time fully dedicated to reading and studying. You’ll find out rich passages can be if you take a month  (or more) to study the passages.

I love it. But I am not good at it. I get distracted forget……….for days…weeks…months…and have to start all over again.
I recently found this FUN app that helps me memorize!
It’s called Verses and I love it! Check it out! It is free if you are memorizing in KJV and really fun!

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