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About the Book

2 Cor 4

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Immerse yourself in a lyrical, artistic story older than time:
 the story of the kingdom of God.

Receive encouragement and refreshment in your spiritual
 walk with a collection of poems on our awesome God, trusting God,
 family, God’s creation, special occasions, and ministering Christ.

Inspirational and joyful poetry hones in on Biblical truth in a meditative manner.

Stand in the Gap

From the Author: It took two days separated by a month to write Stand in the Gap:
June 21 and July 20, 2006. Originally, its inspiration was sparked in the spring of 2006 when
I heard Ezekiel 22:30 used as the basis for two separate sermons.
The urgency and sadness of the passage gripped me, and as I meditated on the verse
throughout the following months, eventually some of the word pictures God showed
me beggedto be written as poetry. My prayer is that through this poem, you will be challenged
to abide in Jesus Christ in the “gap” He has placed you in today, that through Him
you might be the missing piece needed in our country, our culture, and our families today.

Stand in the Gap!

The cliff is steep; the rocks are sharp;
The people are unwarned.
Few fences here to slow the falls—
Such help, the people scorned.
Every day, the screams are heard
Of souls caught in the trap.
Few men will take the task to warn.
Few men stand in the gap.
The faithful few stretch out their hands
More souls to spare mishap,
Yet holes are wide where men can fall;
Will no one fill the gap?
A lone man fills one danger’s spot,
No other near his ledge.
He sees souls lost he cannot reach—
Oh, who will fill the hedge?
The scream of one whom no one warned
Yet echoes o’er the strand.
Oh, if we could fill the gap!
Will no one take my hand?
Each moment, some new shriek is heard.
Warned ones indifferent stand.
They do not care that souls are lost;
Someone must take my hand!
I strain to cover still more ground;
We need to overlap.
I pant and ache as still I reach—
So few will fill the gap!
Indifferent ones! You have been warned!
And you hear each mishap!
Do you not care that souls are lost?
Will you stand in the gap?
You be the one! Then more will join.
Grasp out and take my hand.
You help to warn those blind and lost;
In the gap now boldly stand.
God grant us men! to rise and stand,
Those with strength to pledge,
“I will rise and save the souls.
I’ll make up the hedge.”
God grant us men! To lead and rouse
With grit to man the trap.
God grant us men! Who dare to cry,
“I’ll stand in the gap.”

© Erika Mathews 2018. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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 About the Author

Erika Mathews Author

Erika Mathews is the author of Promise’s Prayer and an editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and young children. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s writing, she enjoys letting God’s message shine through her, crafting pleasing sentences, and using the Oxford comma. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, music, and organizing. She’s been writing poems since she was four years old. Swings, hammocks, fields, waterfalls, and lakes near her Minnesota home are her favorite places for Scripture meditation. You can connect with Erika at restinglife.com.

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