Hello My Dearest Readers,
I am delighted to introduce to you Kellyn Roth, she is the delightful founder of Reveries Co. which I am delighted to be a part of offering my services as graphic designer and coach…
So without further ado…Kellyn…

Hi there! This is Kellyn Roth (or Kell, if you prefer), and today I’m going to tell you a little about Reveries Co.

Here’s our story.

On September 8th 2018, I was designing a site for my cover design business. As I drag-and-dropped the elements around, I realized I needed a shiny, flashy tagline. So I started thinking about my goals as a service provider. I wanted to help authors like me succeed! I wanted to make sure that every writer got the best services, personalized to their needs, at the best prices. But how could I do that? Editing is a service every author needs, but I’m not an editor, so I can’t offer editing. Every blogger, writer, and author needs a website, but web design isn’t my specialty. In fact, I tend to get frustrated with all that coding and other nonsense; I like to keep it simple. But a lot of people need more than “simple.” Suffice to say, I didn’t have the expertise I needed to offer a one-stop-shop for authors, bloggers, and other businessmen and women who needed those services but couldn’t afford them, couldn’t find the right providers, and even struggled to know what they needed. So I began planning … and in no time,

Reveries Co. Was Born!

Partnering with my dear friend, Angela R. Watts, I came up with a business plan, an application form, and a website.

Now over fifteen service providers have joined our forces, from seasoned professionals like Savannah Jezowski, Jessica Greyson, and Abigayle Claire to up-and-coming entrepreneurs like Charis Rae, Jessie Bingham, and Michaela Bush. Now we are dedicated to providing quality, personalized services for an affordable price. Our #1 goal is seeing you succeed in your writing endeavors. We even offer services such as consulting to give you the knowledge you need to go forward. I firmly believe that with hard work and a little elbow grease, anyone can develop a career and business in the writing field. However, I acknowledge that we all need some help from time to time. We’re here to offer that help quickly and easily.

Our team is a carefully-selected task force of experienced designers, editors, proofreaders, and other professionals, several of whom are authors themselves. Most of them have multiple years of experience and all have proven themselves to be consistent and trustworthy workers who offer quality services. All service providers are held to consistent standards of operation and output. We keep a close tab on the quality and proceedings of each service. We’re a team, and we function as one, helping each other succeed as well as authors.

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Now, I know you’d like to hear a bit about what’s going on with the tour, discounts, etc., so let me share something about that.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away 30+ books—a combination of ebooks and paperbacks, genres and subgenres—to one lucky winner! Enter now!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

The first item of importance is the giveaway! This giant book bundle has books by myself as well as Savannah Jezowski, Jessica Greyson, Rebekah Morris, Kendra E. Ardnek, and others!

Facebook Party

The official Facebook launch party will be at the end of this week (Saturday the 5th) from 12 PM to 3 PM PST. I’ll be hosting a live video and taking your questions, assuming the internet cooperates, and there will be several giveaways, service provider spotlights, and other fun features.

During this party, we’ll also be offering a bunch of exclusive discounts and giveaways, so be sure to check in then!


Throughout the tour, we’re offering exclusive discounts. Everything from editing to book cover design to consulting has an extreme cut taken out of the price … but we only have a limited amount of spaces available. Everything from 15% to 30% off of a bunch of different services – from editing to interior formatting to book cover design to website design! We even offer specialized coaching packages!

And that’s about it! I hope you’re able to join along with the blog tour and check out our other amazing posts!


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Have a great day, and thanks for reading my intro!

~Kellyn Roth~
Thanks so much for reading! If you’re an author looking for something to kick-start your career check us out! We’d all love to help you out.

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