I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalm 34:1
I love these words from David’s pen, they’ve been running in my head frequently of late. There is so much here to be gleaned.
I will.
It’s a choice…I will, I will choose to bless the Lord at all times.
Will…not a mere act, but from the depths of who I have been created to be, I will choose Him above all others.

Bless, when I think of the word bless I think very often of God blessing us, of the many blessings given, of someone praising the Lord. The common position of worship where hands are raised to the sky…you know what I am talking about. A dramatic sunset in the background the silhouette of a person with arms stretched towards the sky in a wide field filled with grass or bowed head of grain that we so often see on church bulletins or online when we search for Christian images.
Scouting up the Hebrew word I found it means to bow the knee, to kneel, to bow down…

I will bow my knee to the Lord at all times,
How different that sounds, I will bow my knee at all times, all times, not sometimes, not when I feel like it…ALWAYS. Always. I am falling in love with the word always…because it’s always…I know, some explanation. But is that not what we all crave? An always? A faithful always? He is that! And I will bow my knee to Him without question, reserve, retreat, or regrets, His praise-adoration-thanksgiving shall be continually in my mouth, for here I am His, here I am to worship and bow down here I kneel with complete consecration and say You are My God–there is no other, there is none like You, none beside You in my heart. All I want is Christ, Christ my crucified One, the One who shed His blood for me. Here I stand in His righteousness, Here I bow to His will-whatever it is. Here I am, willing to partake of whatever that which is Christ’s lot, may it also be mine, to drink of that cup from which He drank, is not too much for me. May the words of Ruth to Naomi echo in my heart towards my Lord, to be wherever He is, that is where I long to be…and even in death I will not be separated from Him but complete and whole and seeing His face for the first time. How sweet that will be.

Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus.

I will an act of choice, choosing Him to be supreme above all others and all else, bow my knee in complete devotion to Him and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

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