Birthday Giveaway


I don’t know when all of your birthdays are…but we can celebrate them all together…with mine.
this year, I am doing something that I have never ever done before. Giveaway a complete set of my books! Yes! A complete signed set of books, with some cool little extras for each of my novels.
If you win, you’ll receive!

Annabeth’s War + Annabeth’s War Charm Bracelet
Captive of Raven Castle + Captive of Raven Charm Bookmark
Sufficient Grace + Mitch’s Deputy Badge
Tracking Ruby + Sophie’s Gun Necklace & Ruby Charm
Waiting for Isaac
Enemy Born

I am so excited to be offering this to you all! I hope you’ll join in the giveaway and share with your friends. (Honestly, you sharing my stories with your friends is what help me in my books survive.)
Also through this Party/Giveaway, I’ll be doing my first #novelmoments contest, as well as sharing pieces from novels that I haven’t published yet. Look two posts down for the first chapter of a tie in novella featuring Eliot from Annabeth’s War!

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