Thoughts And Other Things

This past year I’ve come to the realization that I rarely take time to ponder and reflect, I am more of move forward and go on, which isn’t bad, but once you stop and look back, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come.

So here are thoughts and things… (also not in order of importance quite but how they popped into my head.)

1. I did something I never thought would happen in my life.
I went to North Korea…sort of.
I stood on North Korean soil for 2 whole minutes at the JSA.
Now it seems like a short time, but somehow…it is imprinted in my heart and mind as a moment I will never forget as for a moment I stood in a country of a people I love, and who have closed their doors to so many and so much. For them, I will continue and do pray for unification with Korea, and for their hearts to open to receive Jesus.

(P.S. If you want to help the Korean people, be praying for them, but also there is a group LiNK who is rescuing North Korean’s out of China. Take time to look at their group and consider donating to rescue men, women, and children from sex trafficking, slavery, and being sent back to NK. THANK YOU! )

2. Brave Hearted Discipleship.
This has to be the best thing I have ever done in my life.
Impacting me spiritually, mentally and challenging in my walk and faith in Jesus Christ.
This has changed my heart like nothing ever has before. This program isn’t a quick fix or a high for Christ. It’s an in-depth, walking with Jesus that will lead you closer to Him, making Him sweeter and deeper than He ever has been before.
If you are looking for something that will change your life, check out their programs, podcasts, books and more, it will change your life.

3. I know more of who I am.
I am in Christ.
That is my position on this earth.
A child of God, a citizen of the New Jerusalem and an alien on this earth.
I am in Christ.
Nothing will ever change that.

4. I’ve learned how to give all my heart away…over and over and over and over again…
To a thousand little Taiwanese kids who are learning to love English, and even if I have to say goodbye to them in a week.
Even though I didn’t know their stories, couldn’t speak their language (a good portion of the time).
I still learned to love them unconditionally.
And then say goodbye…which was the hardest part not to cry every single week when they left taking parts of my heart with them, and moments where I hope and pray they felt loved and saw the love of Jesus in me.

Okay, so…I am not fluent.
But I can order food, count, keep a classroom pretty straight and order a taxi to my address, and hold a very very basic conversation…all good things. (Let’s not talk about the time I might have accidentally used a swearword trying to give the driver my address! Tones, they are out to get you.)

6. Being Single Stinks!
It has been the hardest year to be single so far.
Usually, it’s not too hard to get over the heartache of being single, but I’ve cried more times over being single than I thought possible in the past year.

7. Being Single is Awesome!
No, I don’t have two personalities.
Yes, you read that one above correctly.
I am learning in whatever state I am there to be content.
And while this season is hard, there are still lots of benefits and opportunities for me to take hold of and pursue while I wait for the man that God has prepared for me.

8. I am caffeine intolerant.
That is a new thing.
I didn’t think caffeine bothered me and was well on my way to becoming a content happy coffee addict.
Then boom.
All kinds of random health issues popped up and I couldn’t figure them out.
Turns out.
Too much caffeine will give you lots of problems and sleepless nights.
So no coffee, less tea, and less chocolate.
It’s a long story (sort of) but for now…

9. I actually am motivated.
For years I’ve always been the laid back person in my family.
Shockingly in this past year, I’ve found I am more motivated and a go-getter than I thought.

10. I’ve walked 1,000 + miles in the past year.
Yup! And I loved every step of it. I miss walking everywhere. It was a slower lifestyle for myself but it was fun and good exercise.

11. I’ve started reading again.
YAY! I used to read all the time…all the time carry a book with me everywhere sort of person. However, as it became harder to find good books that interested me I slowed my reading down considerably. Now, I am reading more and I find even nonfiction appeals to me! Hahaha! I mean, I read it before but it was kind of more blah, now they are tending to be my book of choice a little bit.

12. I did a couple of fasts this past year.
The sugar one was really hard to do but so good. I need to do another one. (Sugar is too addicting.)
Music. I was surprised at some of my music choices after I came back to it.
TV/Movie. This one frankly shocked me at how much violence etc “slips” into media and now I am being really picky about what I watch and cutting out a lot of movie time. It also caused me to go through my media and books and get rid of things that I didn’t feel were profitable or have a worthwhile takeaway value.

13. My life goals have changed.
I am still trying to formulate them.
However, what I once wanted…isn’t what I want..at least not in the way I once wanted.
Cryptic enough for you?
I am still trying to figure it out myself.
But the bottom line is…
I don’t want to be who I once was.
I want to be and do more…but not just do, also be.

14. I want more from this year.
More than I have wanted from any other years in the past.

15.  A motto for this year…
Be Expectant.
Be Courageous.

30 Fun Random Facts

1. I love to laugh. It’s one of my favorite things to do.
2. Peanut butter is amazing. (Chocolate and peanut butter is even better, but you can’t have chocolate for lunch.)
3. My name is written on a stone in Korea (and no it’s not vandalism either)
4. I have 4 favorite places in the world. 1. Home. 2 Korea. 3 Williamsburg V.A. 4. Windsor C.O.
5. I’ve been to 4 different countries. Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Korea. unless we are counting airport stops and crossing the borders into North Korea then I’ve been to 7 U.K., Japan, and North Korea.
6. I love historical clothes. I’ve made my own Colonial/Revolutionary costumes and I own a Korean Hanbok that was custom made for me because someone has very long and un-Korean arms.
7. I love old weapons.
8. The rifle is my gun of choice. (I’ve only shot real guns once and that was exciting, but overall rifles are my favorite. I am not sure how that is important, or why it’s on this list but it is.)
9. I collect sword replications. I have 4 so far, a dagger by my bed (to open letter because it’s also my office and writing space,) and a bow and arrow in my closet that I really wish I could shoot better.
10. It Is Well With My Soul will always make me cry. The heart and story behind it…
11. I probably have more story ideas than I can ever actually write.
12. I am a middle child of three.
13. Fall is my favorite season.
14. I have a love and hate relationship with roller coasters, but I will always hate log flumes.
15. Beans, especially green beans and I shall never be friends. But broccoli and I shall always be besties.
16. Persuasion is my favorite book by Jane Austen.
17. I am an ambivert with an introvert charge mode.
18. I was extremely shy as a child. (And no one believes that anymore.)
19. The Marquise de Lafayette and I share the same birthday. (Yes, this is important to me.)
20. I love sapphires.
21. I love flowers, all kinds of flowers, but I do have a weakness for roses, violets, and lily of the valley.
22. I love tea, and tea parties.
23. 23rd Psalm is my favorite.
24. I love foreign food, Mexican, Thai, Korean, Indian (and the curry of several countries!)
25. Squid is my mortal enemy. (Also clams are gross..)
26. I have a collection of around 300 books. My own personal beautiful little library.
27. I love beautiful art and pretty things.
28. Stars are one of the best things ever. Always. Especially shooting stars.
29. I am learning Korean again! WAHOO! I love and miss Korean language and everything.
30. I have a blessed and extrodinary life.

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