Birthday Giveaway


I don’t know when all of your birthdays are…but we can celebrate them all together…with mine.
this year, I am doing something that I have never ever done before. Giveaway a complete set of my books! Yes! A complete signed set of books, with some cool little extras for each of my novels.
If you win, you’ll receive!

Annabeth’s War + Annabeth’s War Charm Bracelet
Captive of Raven Castle + Captive of Raven Charm Bookmark
Sufficient Grace + Mitch’s Deputy Badge
Tracking Ruby + Sophie’s Gun Necklace & Ruby Charm
Waiting for Isaac
Enemy Born

I am so excited to be offering this to you all! I hope you’ll join in the giveaway and share with your friends. (Honestly, you sharing my stories with your friends is what help me in my books survive.)
Also through this Party/Giveaway, I’ll be doing my first #novelmoments contest, as well as sharing pieces from novels that I haven’t published yet. Look two posts down for the first chapter of a tie in novella featuring Eliot from Annabeth’s War!

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Novel Moment Contest #novelmoment

Hello Dearest Readers.

Today, I am flooding the blog with posts and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating my birthday and being an author for nearly 7 years! I can hardly believe how time has flown and all that has happened over these past few years.
However, I wanted to do something new this year (that I hope, will become annual?) We will see what happens.

What is this Novel Moment’s contest?

I don’t know about you, but I love creating moments that I’ve lived through history, books, and movies…and I wanted to give you the opportunity to do the same. This is the time to make YOUR novel moment…taken from the pages of one of my books.

What are Novel moments?
Well, instead of trying to explain maybe I should…
*opens up a deep corner of my heart*
Here I am in Colonial Williamsburg…with one of my historical heroes the Marquis de Lafayette played by an incredible reenactor.
Lafayette and I share the same birthday, so this man went out of the way to make this day extra special for me and of course, the historical figure himself is incredible. This was a real highlight moment for me in my life.

I could go on and on about Colonial Williamsburg, historical dress etc….but that would be beside the point of what I am trying to talk about here.
Here is a “Jane Austen Moment”
If you’ve watched regency and other historical BBC dramas, you might know the urge to at least climb this…
No, you don’t get a picture of me climbing it. I am not a beautiful, gracious Jane Austen heroine, also there was no Capt. Wentworth to catch me…

In London, England, this is a tower where they kept prisoners, the most important one to me was Gilford Dudley husband to Lady Jane Grey my favorite British Queen. If you look in the stone behind the plastic, you can see her name that he carved while in his prision chamber. I sat there for a full minute that morning realizing I was sitting where, I am sure many men have sat prisoners who lost their heads, but specifically Gilford Dudley, and thought about Lady Jane Grey. Looking out the window, I could see what  he could see, the tower, the scaffold they were building where they would kill his wife, where so many other “private” executions were held….

Here are a few of my other favorites moments from England…

Another one of these moments in England was visiting Hartfield’s Ashford Forest, aka the home of Winnie the Pooh! (Also very close to Emma for my fellow Jane Austen Fans). While I am obviously not Christopher Robin, that didn’t stop me from purchasing a large Winnie the Pooh, and walking with him all over Ashford Forest, to take photos.

When I went to Korea, I purchased a Hanbok in theme with one of my favorite outfits from my first Korean drama (which also happened to be my favorite colors), and proceeded to run around South Korea, imitating scenes from dramas, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
This summer I sat on the banks of Plum Creek where Laura Ingalls used to play. Feeling rather like Mary, as I sat on the banks of Plum Creek, watching my younger sister play, she has brown hair like Laura and I have blonde hair like Mary…I might have also screamed like Nellie Oleson, when I tried to enter the water and some small creature insisted on nibbling at my toes…seriously…it might have been okay if the water hadn’t been so murky, and I could have seen what was going on, but when I’ve moved my foot three times and the same feeling returns. I am a no go, admittedly, it was probably just a small fish, but I really didn’t want to find out.
But, I am digressing sort of, this is why I am holding this contest.
I love creating, capturing, living in little moments like these, and I hoping to afford you the opportunity to create a moment like this for yourself, from my characters and my books.
I am hoping, that there is a scene (or even a book cover,) that you’d like to recreate for yourself, to take a moment and own it.
It doesn’t have to be fancy…you don’t have to travel, or sew up a brand new costume, use your creativity and create with what you have. I don’t care if you borrow your brother’s nerf sword, and a red blanket to recreate an Annabeth scene, or something, like that.
This summer, I took the time to create a “Grace” scene myself…
I was wearing my Anne puffed sleeve shirt, my Laura skirt…and the shawl I wrote Sufficient Grace in. My hair was up in a “teacher bun” with an Asian hair stick through it-because it part of who I am, and I wanted to make it mine…

 So finally after that longwinded bit here are the details.

It’s a photo contest.
1. Please take and submit your photo by September 30th. (Voting will begin October 1st.)
2. Imitate a scene or a cover from any of my novels or short stories. Waiting for Isacc, and A Look in the Mirror are excluded from this contest. (I am also willing to accept partials, maybe a hand and a sword and a quote from the book etc. Make it yours, and see where it will go.)
3. Post it where I can see it, and share it on my blog when it comes time to vote.
4.  Please keep your entries friendly, submissions may be refused at the discretion of the author.

One $10 gift card will be awarded to the winner. They can choose their $10 from one of the following places: Amazon, iTunes, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble, ThriftBooks, Starbucks, or Caribou Coffee.
If we get over 10 entries I will introduce a second-place winner and a $5 dollar gift card.

The Nitty Gritty Details
There must be a minimum of three entries for there to be a giveaway.
Your submissions will be voted on by the general public.
Open Internationally
If you are under 18 you must have your parents permission to enter.
This is not done in affiliation with anything or anyone but my books.

Thank you! I can hardly wait for your submissions!
Jessica Greyson

Sneak Peek 1: To Take a Throne ~ Eliot’s story

I know, we all love Annabeth.
I do too.
However, I knew when I finished that there was another character in the book that wanted to tell his story.
I kind of held a grudge against the man…
I mean can you blame me? (If you’ve read Annabeth’s War, you’ll know what I am talking about.)
He was also super difficult to deal with, so for years I put off telling his story, and then this year, I finally sat down and wrote his story.
It took a few weeks, it’s only a short story, but it tells the final chapters of Eliot, it also gives a brief look at a few of our favorite characters, and is the first book that actually let me into Falway! SERIOUSLY I KNEW THAT COUNTRY WAS AWESOME, but seeing it through Eliot’s eyes was really special.

This book, is actually ready for beta readers after I make a few more changes, then it’s off to the editor, and into your hands.

Also, this book is Eliot, so it’s a little more violent because let’s be honest, that is what Eliot does well….we all know this.

Chapter One

“I can’t believe you’re abandoning me for a pretty maid,” chided Eliot following Ransom to collect his things from the tent.
Ransom laughed lightly. “Just wait for your turn Eliot.”
“What? You think a maid will turn my head? You’ve got the only interesting maid I’ve seen in two or three kingdoms.”
“And she’s mine,” said Ransom with a smile.
“I do think I would have gotten the job done a little faster than you have.”
“Well,” smiled Ransom. “Good thing you didn’t have this job.”
“Really? I was too busy and then I had to come in and clean up your mess as always.”
“My mess? I am not the one who dragged her to that horrible villain and…”
“I see we shall never agree on the whole matter. Perhaps you’re right,” sighed Eliot. “Besides if we keep talking this over you’ll never be ready, and I’d hate to be the reason that Annabeth is kept waiting.”
Ransom smiled, and swinging his pack on his shoulder. “We’ve had a good run, we had each other’s backs and we had plenty of adventures together, but now our paths turn, so until we meet again ol’ friend Godspeed to you and may you find a wife who makes you feel like a king.”
“Is that what Annabeth’ makes you feel like?”
There was no wiping the smile off of Ransom’s face. “Better.”
“Ransom,” it was Annabeth’s voice outside of the tent flap.
“I am coming my love.”
Eliot rolled his eyes. As Ransom left the tent, his arm slipped around Annabeth, dropping a kiss on the face that was upturned to look at him, a blush came to her cheeks—that were still pale from time to time. She had been battered by life, but was now beginning a new one with Ransom to be at her side, to be her protector and love.
In a moment they were gone, and Eliot flopped himself back down on his cot. When one was on a mission sleep wasn’t always the easiest to come by, and there was no knowing when his king would need him again, so he would sleep, eat, and practice with his sword until he was needed again, and right now seemed the perfect time for a nap.
“Eliot sir?” it was the sound of a page at the tent flap—a young page at the sound of it. Eliot sir indeed.
“Yes,” he yawned with a stretch.
“The king has sent for you.”
Rollin to his feet Eliot looked down at the page with a lifted eyebrow, “Yes?”
“Oh?” the page looked up at him in wonder and he held back the corner of his mouth from smiling at the boy’s wide-eyed awe.
“Lead on then,” he commanded.
“Yes!” said the boy leaping into motion and charging in the direction of the King’s tent. He very well could have gone their himself, but a page in training was something to be handled carefully, the boy needed to learn how to take responsibility, and next time it might not be him—but perhaps an overbearing lord or a foreign ambassador he was sent to fetch.
Reaching the King Fredric’s tent, the small page, stopped at the tent flap. “Just a moment if you please, I’ll make sure the king isn’t occupied.”
He nodded and tucked his hand behind his back waiting.
A moment later the boy appeared. “He will see you now.”
Eliot entered the tent and bowed low to his king.
“Eliot, I am sorry to be sending you out again so soon, but I’ve received word that Chambria is in need of help and I am sending you.”
“But we have no treaty with Chambria my king.”
“Not at this moment, but we soon will, it seems that Lord Raburn was in league with the Lord Chancellor of Chambria, and set up a coup. The king and queen were slain, along with their second son, but the heir and his younger sisters escaped to Raven Castle. I cannot send my men to war very easily after bringing them home. However, I am sending you to fetch Princess Regina, my son is in need of a wife and eventually an heir.”
“A marriage alliance, for our fighting men?”
“I wouldn’t interfere but I knew the king of Chambria, and he was nothing but a kind man. The Lord Chancellor is quite a different story. If even half the stories I’ve heard are true. I do not wish for such a neighbor. Power hungry monsters never do anyone any good.”
“At once your majesty?”
“I’ve sent for them to have your horse saddled and ready. I’ll see you at home in less than a week. We’ll give the soldiers a day to toast my son and his new bride and have a force sent across the way. Once it’s put down, they can go home to their families once again. I hate to keep my men fighting more than I have to.”
“At once your majesty.”
“Thank you.”
King Fredric dismissed him with a wave of his hand.
“Oh! The king of Beltera knows what is going on, You of course have full freedom to circle into Belterra on your way to and from Raven Castle—not that we needed it but considering the situation.”
“Thank you, your majesty.”
The king nodded and Eliot stepped out of the tent, the page was standing there holding onto his black horse’s bridle.
“He’s ready sir, provisions and all.”
“Thank you,” said Eliot leaping into the saddle and taking the reins, He nodded the young page and kicked the horse into a loping canter.
Crossing the stream where they had defeated Lord Raburn and his men a few days before,
Speeding across the forest and plains, he at last reached the mountain pass that led up to legendary, Raven Castle.

Favorite Things Giveaway

Hello Dear Friend!
It’s August, there is the nip of autumn here in my state, the first hints of fall are in the air, the State Fair is about to get underway, and life, in general, is good. I have a lot of choices to make, quite a few things on my plate and a lot of it outside of my control, however! I’ve been holding onto parts of this giveaway for a few erm…I won’t say how long and it’s finally time to put it into some good hands.
So in this giveaway of a few of my favorite things is:
Cherry Blossom Book Sleeve.
Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy.
The Chocolate Soldier by C.T. Studd (seriously one of my favorite reads!)
Waiting for Isaac (yeah, I know it’s by me but this book has challenged me in some new and deep ways, I wrote it for myself, to myself and I share it with you. It really is a piece of my heart.)
Color Street Nail Polish Strips (PINK GLITTER, LADIES)
Joy necklace. (We choose our attitude guys.  Choose Joy!)
CUTE ASIAN STICKY NOTES, Because we all need cute stationery.
Live in wonder and find beauty in the everyday notebook, because notebooks are life. Cute pink and lacey washi tape, and a Korean beauty mask.
 Here are a few close-up photos….

Now…it’s time to get things started.
This is USA Only (sorry international friends, if you have a friend in the USA willing to hold/send/bring it to you feel free to enter) 18 and older unless you have your parents permission.
This is not in association with anything just me giving to my peoples! 

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Do You Want To Live – A Short Story

Dear Readers,
Are you shocked? I live, I breathe…and I have more going on than apparently, I’ve stopped by to say in awhile.
Well, the time has come for us to…erm….wait wrong thought. The time has come for me to share a short unedited story with you all! *gasp* I know the horrors of an unedited story is terrible, scold me in the comments below if you wish. However, this story came to me in a rush of a dream this morning, I don’t think I’ll have the time to pursue this little “dream” story any further. Yes, this really is a dream, I had it this morning…this is the dream life of Jessica Greyson. Seriously, it gets quite interesting at times, and people ask me where I get my ideas, mostly. I dream them up. Hahaha! Very funny, not really, but seriously I’ve had ideas and lynchpin moments come from dreams. It all gets quite interesting in the realm of sleep.

Also sorry for the formatting….I guess I shouldn’t pre-write posts on my computer….
“Do you want to live?”
I blinked. Wondering for a moment how to answer this question. Was not my name on the lists? Wasn’t I called to die? They had taken my father and brothers out the day before. I had been separated from them in the women’s cell—but that too was now empty, and I sat on the stone steps waiting for my summons—wondering why I was left for last.
I looked up into the black mask of the executioner, his bloody ax resting at his side, dripping with what had been days of work.
“Do I want to live?” I repeated the question back to him.
“You’re name is not on the lists.”
“But how?” I questioned.
He shrugged one shoulder.
“The question is, do you want to live?”
I sat on the steps, wondering how I could live—everyone I had ever known or love had me the fate of the ax in the past few days—the kingdom had changed hands. I was no longer noble. I was common as dirt to be trod underfoot—traitors no matter how innocent they are never survive.
“What is your name?”
For a moment I hesitated—I could say I was someone else—but to die under someone else name would be no honor. I gave it.
He looked over the list of women’s names and shook his head. “You are not here.”
I bit my lip and looked at him, my brain muddled in the fog of grief and betrayal, the chains of accusations. Did I want to live, or did I want to die—everything I had ever loved was dead—and to join them in the after realm it would be no crime, to go, to let my life’s light be taken from me. But I had the choice to live—and what would I do with that choice? How could I do anything? What would I do with my life if I had it? There was none to protect me, none to whom I could be harbored under the shelter of their wisdom and protection—I would be going out into the brutal world without a defender, without the ability to take revenge. I would go into the worlds with little more than what I had born into it…didn’t that mean that I was ready to go out of this world with nothing just as I had come?
“I-I-I don’t know.” I stuttered out at last.
He took a coin from the heavy purse at his side.
He’d been paid a for every traitor he had slain. Blood money. I wondered for a moment—in his life of luxury and ease—if it would be easy to live on.
“Shall we let the fates decide?”
Without waiting for my response, he flipped the coin.
I knew instantly what I wanted to answer.
Now that the scales of fate were out of my hand, I knew what I wanted. I knew how I wanted the coin to land. My heart leapt into my throat strangling my voice that wanted to scream the words that I now knew the answer to, blood pounded in my ears.
He slapped it down, and glanced at me.
“I want to live,” I whispered.
Moving his hand he revealed the coin to himself.
I blanched.
The end.
I was suddenly unprepared for death—all of the serenity and surrender I had collected in the last few days fled. The wild urge to live flooded my veins even as I sat frozen to the spot, wanting to flee, with nowhere to go.
I wanted to live.
The hooded man turned and walked away.
Screams of terror built in my throat, I held them down with sheer will power. Fingernails dug deeply into my palms a painful agony, and yet relief to be able to express my pain and feelings.
He appeared a moment later, shoving something through the bars.
“Change, you don’t have much time. I will be back for you in three minutes.”
He walked away and I lost no time. I shed what I was wearing for the small clean—but raggedy common clothes. The clothes of a boy, I tucked my hair messy braid into the woolen cap, just as I heard steps returning down the stone hall.
A man opened the cell.
“Follow me. Keep your head down, don’t say a word,” it was the executioner—he had removed his mask…I didn’t want to look any longer, as two emotions collided in my stomach twisting it into heaving knots.
I did as I was bid, following his steps—steps that had led so many to their death—was leading me to life.
We reached the outer courtyard.
“Find your way out,” he said with a nod—and turning went back to the inner sanctum of the castle. It was a bustle of activity, carts wheeling in and out with goods—the King was ready to celebrate…I needed to leave before I heaved—dryly. I hadn’t eaten in days.
Spying a cart, leaving with a trail of apprentices behind it dressed not unlike me. I joined in hoping, an extra head wouldn’t be counted at the gate.
With my head down and tailing the troop of baker boys, I barely had time to react as a nearly empty basket was shoved into my middle, I grasped it and then glanced up to see kind brown eyes looking into my own.
“Make yourself useful,” he muttered.
I glanced hungrily at the two rolls in the bottom of the basket.
“No one will notice.”
Primal need overwhelmed the senses fighting in the pit of my being. The wrangle of horror, hatred, fear, the knowing I need to forgive—all vanished at the thought of soft, golden-brown bread.
I glanced up at the one who had shoved the basket into my stomach and there was a slight nod.
What if this is his ration…guilt bit into me, but the pinching howl of hunger swallowed it up as the first nibble of bread touched my tongue. Never had food tasted better, manna in the wilderness must have been like this.
We were outside the gate, and into the streets, the boy reached back and grabbed the basket.
I want to follow—but where can I go, what can I do?
I don’t know how to make bread, and I am certainly not a boy. My steps slacken as we go around the corner, and out of sight of the palace. I need to decide what I am going to do—where I am going to go.
I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help—I am in a city there are no hills—But still, I look up and see in the midst of the hills of rooves. A steeple towered above the rest.
The nunnery—I need to go to the nunnery. They will take me in…

Cover Reveal! Protecting the Poor

We’re counting down the months until Book Three of the “Tales of Faith” series is released! But for now… we get to see the cover of Amanda Tero’s newest book.

“Protecting the Poor” will release August 26, 2019, completing the “Tales of Faith” trilogy. While “Befriending the Beast” and “The Secret Slipper” are loose retellings of fairytales, “Protecting the Poor” is a retelling of a classic legend: Robin Hood.

About the Book

Sheriff Feroci is now lord over the province, and Abtshire has become a pit of injustice. Being forced into the lord’s service does not give Dumphey as many opportunities to help the poor as he desires. When attempts on his life drive him into the forest, this freedom opens a world of possibilities for helping others. But how can he do so when he is running for his life? And does God want him to do more than simply feed the poor?

Hymns in the Hills Cover Reveal!

I’ve recently been enjoying Rebekah Morris’ Triple Creek Ranch Series and am delighted to be helping to announce her latest release!

Hymns in the Hills synopsis:
“Could you not teach them what you do know?”

Separated from her parents and sent to live with unknown relatives for the summer, Belle Standish clings hard to the promises found in her dear Bible and her beloved hymns. As she grows to love her newly discovered family, she finds much work to be done for her Lord in this neglected field.

But when danger threatens those she loves, Belle’s faith and courage are tested in ways she never imagined. Will God’s promises hold true even in the midst of the storm? And what can she possibly accomplish with just her one little light?
Your word is: Jesus’

Author Bio:
Rebekah A. Morris is a homeschool graduate, an enthusiastic freelance author and a passionate writing teacher. Her books include, among others, Home Fires of the Great WarThe Unexpected RequestGift from the Storm and her best-selling Triple Creek Ranch series. Some of her favorite pastimes, when she isn’t writing, include reading and coming up with dramatic and original things to do. The Show-Me state is where she calls home. 


Hello Dear Friends,

I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted but I am here at last with a smashing giveaway!
I’ve teamed up with some awesome peoples to bring you some strong female stories, with no magic or fantasy other than fictional countries.

The winner will receive a signed copy of Annabeth’s War, a hardcover copy of The Warrior Maiden, with a signed bookplate, and an ebook copy of the wonderful book Wren. Not pictured is a books sleeve and an awesome sword bookmark from NERD CAT CREATIONS 

Enter below! USA ONLY (sorry I’ll try to do an international giveaway sometime soon)

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Jane Austen Inspired Valentine Giveaway and Sale

Jane Austen. There’s nothing quite like her. She continues to inspire us all these years later. This Valentines Day, myself and a few authors came together to bring a special sale and giveaway.
Twelve books are on sale for $2.99 or less. Books like Tracking Ruby and Water Princess and Fire Prince, feature characters who adore and quote Jane Austen’s stories. Most of the books take the beloved classics and retell them in a new setting. Each book is perfect for those who want a little touch of Jane Austen and romance for this Valentines Day.
An author’s participation in this giveaway does not mean they endorse all the books included. While all books are considered clean, they may not reflect the values of the other authors.

Literary Valentines

It’s that time of year!
Hearts are already starting to peek out at the stores in shades of red, pink, and white. Chocolate is already starting to festoon store shelves in heart shapes and clutched by stuffed animals.
I love celebrating holidays. My love language is words and gifts so any excuse to exercise this is always taken! Hehehe!

One of my favorite things I started years ago was literary Valentines. I don’t know about you but I love books, especially old books and characters so here is an opportunity to create literary Valentines for your favorite books. Feel free to use book covers or movie clips to create your ideal Valentine.

Here are a few entries from previous years:

I am also throwing out a category for my own books I’ve made some templates for you to use if you want.

So if you’ve made it through all of that…to enter!
Create valentines of your own and post them on your blog, or Instagram and leave a link down below By midnight February 4th. I’ll post them and place them in categories and we can vote on our favorites so get creative and storm up some love for some book characters. 
With Much Love,
Jessica Greyson